Liveability takes many forms and means many things to residents, visitors and investors. Our aim at Rockhampton Regional Council is to build one great region to live, visit and invest. 

This can include:

Our Community

  • Enhancing places and spaces
  • Supporting our community through our activities and programs
  • Celebrating our region's heritage and culture

Our Economy

  • Plan for growth with future needs or community, business and industry in mind
  • Attract business and industry to our region
  • Attract visitors to the region
  • Support our region's economy through our projects and activities

Our Environment

  • Our region is resilient and prepared to manage climate related risks and opportunities
  • We pursue innovative and sustainable practices
  • Our public spaces add value to our region and our communities

Our Infrastructure

  • Our region has infrastructure that meets current and future needs

To find out more about how great it is to live, visit or invest in the Rockhampton region you can also visit or