Making Water Work Program

What is the Making Water Work Program?

Rockhampton Regional Council through Advance Rockhampton in partnership with the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) coined the landmark program called ‘Making Water Work’ in 2019 thanks to an initial investment provided by the Department of Environment and Science for Communities in Transition.

Since its inception, Making Water Work has focused on developing the Fitzroy Food Bowl through planning for new and innovative agriculture that would better use the water within the Fitzroy River Catchment.

The multifaceted Making Water Work program is best summarised by five key projects:

  1. Defining a supply chain and development precincts vision.
  2. Visionary land use planning to facilitate development precincts.
  3. Mobilising strong water governance arrangements.
  4. Integrating nutrient, waste and energy streams in agricultural development.
  5. Achieving reef water quality requirements in new agricultural development.
Cropping in the Rockhampton region

Achieving Reef Water Quality Requirements in the New Agricultural Development

The Making Water Work – Reef Water Quality project is in progress to assist new and existing irrigators in the Fitzroy Food Bowl in meeting their reef water requirements with an aim of improving reef water quality outcomes.

The Reef Water Quality project will deliver the following:

  • Individual farm plans for local irrigators to meet the Rookwood Weir Land Management Code of Practice and the Reef Regulations.
  • Case studies demonstrating how to improve water quality outcomes
  • Precinct wide sediment and nutrient plan accounting for new and expanding agriculture.
  • Tools and training for landholders to improve water quality outcomes in the Fitzroy Food Bowl.

The Irrigation Farm Plans Support program has been launched to help landholders create farm plans that identify methods and mechanisms to nullify sediment, nutrient and pesticide run off from an irrigated farm into the Fitzroy River.

How Can I Be Part of the Program? 

The Irrigation Farm Plans Support program is available for landholders that intend to undertake irrigation for agricultural purposes in the Lower Fitzroy region that have supplemented water allocations or are in the process of finalising a supplemented water allocation either from Rookwood Weir, Eden Bann Weir or the Fitzroy Barrage or alternatively have an unsupplemented water allocation from the Lower Fitzroy Water Management Area.

Please note that a Farm Plan is a requirement for any irrigator to comply with the Rookwood Weir Land Management Code of Practice and the Queensland Government’s Reef Regulations for new or expanding irrigation of five hectares of greater.

Applicants must be able to address and satisfactorily answer the questions in the form below and forward this to Advance Rockhampton by the due date to apply for support under the program.

Apply Now! 

Applying to be a part of the Making Water Work – Reef Water Quality - Irrigation Farm Plans Support program is simple. Just download the form below and return it completed to by November 17, 2023.

This can be done by email, dropping the form into the Advance Rockhampton office at 220 Quay Street Rockhampton or via mail addressing it to Advance Rockhampton PO Box 1860, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700

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For further information please contact Wade Clark, Economic Development Manager P: 0458 579 457 | E: