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Explore an extensive array of workshops, training sessions, and industry briefings meticulously tailored for Rockhampton businesses, spanning various sizes and sectors. From refining marketing strategies to enhancing capability statements, Advance Rockhampton's events cater to the diverse needs of the local business landscape.

Stay informed as we consistently update our website with fresh opportunities all year round. With a commitment to supporting the Rockhampton's business community, our events support a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to major projects, agriculture, and renewable energy. Partnering with key industry stakeholders, Advance Rockhampton ensures that the events delivered are relevant to you and your business, fostering invaluable networking opportunities.

Our event types include workshops, industry briefings, and networking opportunities, each designed to provide actionable insights and facilitate meaningful connections. We cater to various industries such as small business, manufacturing, agriculture and defence.. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur, Advance Rockhampton guarantees there's something of value for everyone in our dynamic and inclusive events.

See below for a full list of upcoming events being held in the Rockhampton region. 

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