Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

economic development strategy and Action Plan

The Rockhampton Region Economic Development Strategy and Economic Action Plans 2023-2028 set out a plan to realise the future growth opportunities based on key industries, regional strengths, overcoming challenges and leveraging from growth opportunities.


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Economic Development Strategy 2023-28

This document sets out a plan to realise future growth opportunities in the Rockhampton Region. It does this by investigating our key industries, identifying regional strengths and forecasting possible challenges. From this, the report creates a situational analysis and builds a strategy for the Region to develop our position for a successful future.

The approach taken in the strategy is to focus on five key pillars to achieve the economic mission including:

  1. Future Jobs & Investment Attraction
  2. Infrastructure and Future Growth
  3. Regional Promotion & Major Events
  4. Regional Collaboration & Partnerships
  5. Talent Retention and Attraction

Within each of the pillars there are goals and outcomes that are required to be achieved to set the region on a successful future trajectory.

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Economic Development Action Plan 2023-28

This document sets out actions that the Rockhampton Regional Council will deliver to help achieve goals and outcomes set out in the Rockhampton Economic Development Strategy.

The economic action plan also outlines actions the Federal and State Governments can deliver on which will assist the region on a successful future trajectory.

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