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Meet the team

Meet the team behind Advance Rockhampton, Rockhampton Regional Council's Economic Development, Tourism, Events and Marketing Unit. 



Greg Bowden

Executive Manager

Greg Bowden was appointed Executive Manager of Advance Rockhampton in 2020 following 15 years working as a Strategy and Economic Development Executive in the Lord Mayor's Office at Brisbane City Council.

Greg has a diverse range of experience across many sectors and disciplines including Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Local Government, Economic Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainable Supply Chains, Brand Management, Tourism, Marketing and Major Event sectors.

Greg's current role at Advance Rockhampton sees him putting Rocky on the Radar by leading an economic development team focused upon Tourism, Marketing, Major Events and Industry Development. He is concentrating on improving liveability in the region, enhancing the visitor experience, creating new event experiences and working with local businesses, community organisations and investors to make Central Queensland a bigger and better place to live, work and invest. 



Industry Engagement Manager

Wade is responsible for driving agribusiness development, activation strategies and circular economy activities for Advance Rockhampton. 

In agribusiness, Wade works to assist further development in supply chains, business development, business attraction and encouraging investment across beef, horticulture, cropping and aquaculture. In 2019, Wade was pivotal in organising the largest aquaculture development areas in Queensland to be located in the Rockhampton Region. 

Wade’s work in activation strategies include Mount Archer Activation Masterplan, the Rockhampton Recreational Fishing Development Strategy and the Advancing Mount Morgan Strategy. These strategies have driven significant investment from the State & Federal Government and assisted tourism development in the Rockhampton Region.



Economic Development Manager

Mary is of Irish decent and initially came to Australia in 2008 for a working holiday, engaged in a farmhand capacity on rural properties. Travel turned into a lifestyle and she quickly found herself settled in the Central Highlands Region, where she worked for Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) for 10 years prior to her arrival in Rockhampton. Mary has an eye for strategy, with a Masters degree in Business and Strategic Management, she naturally gravitated towards a governance role at CHRC where she built and managed the governance framework, annual internal audit program and corporate planning strategy.

Mary is extremely passionate about working in Economic Development where she assists businesses in capacity and capability development; local procurement and supply chain opportunities; best practice processes and delivery of events that focus on upskilling.

Mary enjoys being part of an effective team who focus on the resource and construction industries, helping to put 'Rocky on the Radar'.



Tourism Coordinator

Zac is an energetic and engaging tourism thought leader focused on the growth and promotion of the Rockhampton region through storytelling, product development, collaboration and showcasing authentic and innovative experiences to increase the region’s visitor economy. 

He grew up in Rockhampton, but has had diverse careers in the tourism and business development sectors as well as working for Australia’s largest media and marketing companies in regional areas, metro cities and internationally in the USA. 

Zac has held positions with: Queensland Government’s Young Tourism Leaders; Queensland Tourism Industry Council Young Professionals Mentoring Program; and Tourism and Events Queensland’s Southern Great Barrier Reef Destination Leaders Program.



Events Coordinator

As the Event Coordinator for Advance Rockhampton, Eileen leads the delivery of the region’s major events for Council and is responsible for developing an event calendar that works to promote the region and the liveability of Rockhampton.

Eileen has always organically settled into a coordination role within the event industry. She works with her team focusing on bringing great benchmark events to our region that align with our City and can put Rocky on the Radar as a destination to travel to for events as well as business, leisure and fun.

Across the major event roles that Eileen has been a part of she brings to the team a connection to local businesses across the event sector and a drive to work with local community.  With innovative thinking and passion to deliver great events for the region, Eileen and her team work to continually deliver, grow and adapt to the evolving needs and requirements of this city . 



Senior Graphic Designer




Investment Attraction Manager