Renewable Energy

Developing an energy hub

The Queensland Government’s ambition of having 70 per cent of the State’s electricity generation coming from renewable sources by 2032 and the location of the Powerlink distribution system have combined to sharpen the focus of renewable energy generators on the Rockhampton Region.

With a commitment to convert all of Queensland's publicly owned coal-fired power stations into clean energy hubs by 2035, and a pathway to build Queensland's new super grid this unlocks an abundance of new opportunities for the Rockhampton Region. 

Renewable energy projects proposed for the Rockhampton Region include:

  • Moah Creek Renewable Energy Project (Central Queensland Power – a joint initiative between RES and Energy Estate)
  • Boomer Green Energy Hub (Ark Energy)
  • Boulder Creek Wind Farm (Macquarie Green Investment Green)
  • Mt Hopeful Wind Farm (Neoen)
  • Genex Power Limited battery storage project (Genex)

Wind farms at Clarke Creek, Lotus Creek, Specimen Hill and Mt Rainbow adjoin the Rockhampton Region.

View the Renewable Energy brochure(PDF, 879KB) to learn more about renewable energy opportunities and projects in the Rockhampton Region.

Moah Creek Renewable Energy Project

Proponent, Central Queensland Power, has entered into heads of agreement with 10 landholders and is presently completing a range of studies for this mixed wind/solar/battery project which will be located north of Kalapa and 30km west of Rockhampton.

At its maximum this project is expected to produce 500 megawatt (wind), 300 MW (solar) and 300 MW (battery).

Power produced by this project will enter the national electricity grid by way of the Stanwell sub-station.

boomer green energy hub 

The Boomer Green Energy Hub represents an opportunity for Queensland's central west region to benefit from new economic activity and be part of Australia's energy transition.

The project site is located approximately 30 km south-west of Marlborough and 70 km south of St Lawrence.

The site has strong winds, access to high voltage transmission lines and good road access with few neighbouring properties.

The project is at the early stages and Ark Energy is engaging with landowners, the site's Traditional Owners the Barada Kabalbara Yetimarala Peoples and other stakeholders.

At its maximum this project is expected to produce 1,100 megawatts.

Boulder Creek Wind Farm

Proponent Epuron is preparing to lodge a development application with Rockhampton Regional Council for its 61 turbine Boulder Creek Wind Farm which will be located between Westwood and Mt Morgan.  

Technical studies are being completed and the proponent has entered into Cultural Heritage Management Agreements with the Gaangalu and Darunbal Peoples.  The project expects to access the Powerlink transmission grid through a specifically constructed sub-station.

Epuron has also undertaken two sets of community information sessions in Westwood and Mt Morgan.  The proposed wind farm will be serviced from Westwood.

The project is expected to generate 360 megawatts of electricity.

Mt Hopeful Wind Farm

French company Neoen has announced its interest in developing a wind farm at Mt Hopeful in the Dee Range, south-west of the Rockhampton Region television transmission towers.  Part of the area for this project is located in the Rockhampton Region with the balance being in the Banana Shire.

The proponent has developed plans for 116 turbines, but the number may whittle away as supporting studies are completed.  It has also included battery storage in its project.

The project expects to access the Bouldercombe-Calliope River transmission line by way of a purpose built project sub-station.

Neoen expects to be in a position to lodge a development application in May 2021.  It hopes to undertake a number of community consultation activities prior to lodging its development application.

Genex Power Limited

The Bouldercombe Battery Project, located near Rockhampton, once in operation, will be one of the first standalone large-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Queensland at an initial size of 50/100MWh (2hr storage depth).

The project is currently under construction with operations to commence before mid CY2023.

Genex Power says all 40 Tesla Megapack units have arrived on site and construction is on-track.

Adjoining wind farms outside the Rockhampton Region

Clarke Creek Wind, Solar and Battery power generation is owned by Squadron Energy and is now under construction, making it the biggest grid connected renewable energy project underway in Australia. Stage One and Two will produce enough wind, solar and battery energy to power more than 660,000 homes, equivalent to 40 per cent of Queensland households, and will export lower cost electricity directly into the National Electricity Market, directly lowering power prices for millions of Queensland households and businesses.

The first stage of the project is planned to include 100 Goldwind turbines totalling 450MW.

Epuron’s proposed 55 turbine Lotus Creek Wind Farm is immediately to the north of the Clark Creek Wind Farm.  The proponent is presently seeking approval from the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water & the Environment and it has been declared a ‘controlled action’.

Epuron has another generation point with the 60-80 turbine Specimen Hill Wind Farm, which is 110km south-west of Rockhampton.  This project has been referred to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for review under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and the Minister’s delegate has determined that the project is to be a ‘controlled action’.

Central Queensland Power has a second project with the Mt Rainbow Wind Farm, 110km south-west of Rockhampton in the Biloela area.  This wind farm is expected to produce 250MW a year with the power joining the Powerlink grid through a new project sub-station. 

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