Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline

fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline 

Rocky is on the Radar for the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline Project.

The Queensland Government has recently approved the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline for construction. The $983 million pipeline will be owned and managed by Gladstone Area Water Board and constructed by McConnell Dowell BMD Joint Venture (MBJV), with early works commencing in March 2023 and major works expected to commence mid-2023.

The 117-kilometre pipeline will run from the Lower Fitzroy River in Rockhampton and connect to Gladstone Area Water Board’s existing water network at Yarwun.

The Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline is expected to be delivered in 2026, weather and construction conditions permitting, creating more than 400 jobs at the peak of construction.

MBJV is committed to maximising local industry participation where value for money can be demonstrated and invite all businesses in the local government areas of Banana, Gladstone, Livingstone and Rockhampton to attend the upcoming briefing sessions to hear about the project and how you can be involved.

Follow the link(PDF, 4MB) below to access the MBJV Industry Briefing Presentation!

MBJV Industry Briefing Presentation(PDF, 4MB)