Rockhampton Regional Council has a plan to use our region’s strengths, combined with the next generation of technology, to overcome our local challenges and provide a new focus on the jobs of tomorrow, innovation, tourism and supporting the community with more efficient services. In addition to the economic benefits these initiatives are expected to build a safer community, revitalise our city heart and riverfront, and minimise the danger posed by natural disasters.

The Riverfront Revitalisation has two main components, the Upper Riverfront and the Lower Bank projects. Both are located on Quay Street between Fitzroy Street and William Street, Rockhampton City.

The benefit of the Riverfront Revitalisation:

  • Provide a recreation space for people of all ages.
  • Encourage restaurants and cafés into the area.
  • Transform the area into a more useable space.
  • Add to the many historical buildings along Quay Street.
  • Quay Street can be used more regularly for events and festivals.

The Upper Riverfront Revitalisation project focuses on upgrading Quay Street and associated pathways so that it is visually appealing and in line with the historic buildings along Quay Street. This The Lower Bank provides the community with an array of passive recreational opportunities and engagement with the mighty Fitzroy River.

View the overall Riverfront Revitalisation Plan (PDF, 20MB) »

The Gracemere Industrial Area (GIA) is growing into one of Queensland’s premier transport and logistics hubs, which will be of particular benefit to Central Queensland’s mining and agricultural industries. GIA is located 10km west of Rockhampton and is bounded to the north by the Capricorn Highway and Blackwater rail line.  It is positioned between the townships of Gracemere and Stanwell.

The GIA has positioned itself to specialise in developments from the following sectors:

  • Mining, gas and energy
  • Transport
  • Freight and logistics
  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Development of industrial land is staged to match planned infrastructure provision, and is staged generally from east to west. Industrial land is designed, and remains available, for the following intended industrial uses. View the Gracemere Industrial Area zone map (PDF, 1MB).

Smart Regional Centre Strategy

Works to position Rockhampton as a great place to start and run a business, attract future residents to relocate to the region, and encourage tourists to return again and again.

To enable this positive change Council has developed ‘Rockhampton Region: the smart way forward’ to enable the region to become a Smart Regional Centre.

A Smart Regional Centre uses real-time data created by sensors, as well as information and communications technology, to help improve public services, grow employment, get the most out of our resources and provide a city where residents want to work and live.

It has been proven that smart technologies can improve public safety, arts, culture, modern education, tourism and recreation. It can also help to promote and protect our natural and built environments, heritage buildings and biodiversity.

To become a Smart Regional Centre it is proposed the following be established:

  • Strategic partnerships to support leading-edge research and development.
  • Smart Working Hub that will provide a high-tech facility for casual teleworking, collaboration, networking and learning opportunities, high-speed Internet connectivity and business meetings.
  • Not for profit Community Telco that will provide fast, affordable Internet access via this community-led initiative.
  • Free public Wi-Fi for the riverfront and CBD.
  • Smart lighting and pole technologies including digital signage(PDF, 863KB).
  • Other internet of things sensors including on-street parking sensors and park / garden irrigation.