Global shifts in demographics, resources, the environment, movement and communication are transforming the way we live, work and interact with one another. Established economic systems, governance models and business processes need to evolve and adapt to this changing global environment to ensure future growth and prosperity.

These global shifts or “megatrends” are relevant to all communities and regions in Australia, including Rockhampton. The Rockhampton Region is exposed to the global economy, through food and mineral exports providing vast opportunities for the region.

Global megatrends that will influence the trajectory of the Rockhampton economy over the next thirty years have been analysed for the region including:

  • Asian population growth
  • Global food demand
  • Mineral resource and energy investment
  • Climate change
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Aging population
  • Broadband and the digital age
  • Defence and security

Based on the opportunity drivers

  • Asian demand for protein, leading to new opportunities in aquaculture and livestock production
  • Asian demand for coal, gas and oil
  • Low cost of living and barriers to entry
  • Increased economic return from a diversified range of exports
  • Become nationally and internationally competitive in a range of market sectors
  • Market niches
  • National security issues leading to closer relationships with USA and China

Download the Economic Development Strategy Summary Report (PDF, 4MB), adopted by Council on October 27, 2015.