Key Documents

QTenders Information Guide

Contains helpful information for navigating the QTenders website.

Doing Business with RRC 

A guide for businesses interested in engaging with council.

The council offers many opportunities to work with them on an array of projects, utilising local products and services.

Council tender and quote documents are prepared in accordance with Council’s supply policies and guidelines. Council now lists all tender and quote opportunities on the Queensland QTenders website. New tender and quote documents are regularly uploaded on the QTenders website following publication in the local and other media. Click here for more information on the QTenders website. (PDF).

The Doing Business with Council – Guide for Contractors and Suppliers (PDF, 267KB) provides useful information for businesses looking to submit a tender or quote to Council.  It is intended as an information resource to assist suppliers and contractors who wish to supply goods and/or services to Rockhampton Regional Council. It gives you some basic information that is intended to:

  • Help you understand how Council purchases goods and services
  • Help you understand how Council tenders for goods and services
  • Explain how you can apply for inclusion on a register of pre-qualified suppliers
  • Help you understand the legislative requirements under which councils must operate.

The guide also contains details of the rules Council has to follow when purchasing any product or service. These rules exist as an assurance to potential suppliers that we are being open, fair and transparent.

A list of Council’s current Pre-Qualified Supplier Arrangements (PDF, 133KB) and their expiry dates is available.

The Contracts and Tenders Unit can be contacted on 07 4932 9000 or 1300 22 55 77.