Over the next five years the Rockhampton community will focus on guiding actions, initiatives, policies and necessary investment opportunities around these six broad Economic Development Programs. Developed through a process of industry engagement and community consultation, matching what we already know against our aspirations and contemporary thinking about economic opportunities, we have the driving tools that enable the Region to approach the future with greater confidence.

Agriculture and Food Industry Growth and Diversification

Designed to grow, diversify and develop food production in the Rockhampton Region. It seeks to enhance Rockhampton’s profile as a good producing region of national and global significance and the source of quality food products and supporting services and industries.

Branding and Marketing

Enhancing the profile of the Rockhampton Region as a location of choice for people to “live, work and play” and for business to establish and grow. It promotes and encourages growth of the Rockhampton profile and greater awareness of its comparative advantages and investment and economic development opportunities.

Education and Skills

Improving the skills base of the Rockhampton population to improve the attractiveness of the regional workforce to new and emerging sectors while providing socio-economic, prosperity and quality of life benefits to residents from improved educational outcomes.

Small Business Development

Drive the establishment, growth and development of small businesses in the Rockhampton Region. It recognises the importance of a dynamic and entrepreneurial small business sector in driving income growth and job creation in the Region. The Small Business Development Program seeks to promote collaboration, innovation, technology adoption, growth acceleration and major project supply chain integration.

Urban Rejuvenation

Seek to increase the amenity, accessibility and competitiveness of the Rockhampton Urban Area. The program focuses on the redevelopment and modernisation of the City, making the central business district a more attractive urban environment for both residents and businesses.

Transport, Logistics and Manufacturing Promotion

Establish Rockhampton as the principal transport and logistics hub in regional Queensland; leveraging its strategic location relative to major Queensland centres as well as agricultural, tourism and mining regions. It seeks to optimise the performance and accelerate the growth of key industrial precincts, integrate businesses into mining and major project supply chains and be a location of choice for growing defence activity.


Download the Economic Development Strategy Summary Report (PDF, 4MB) that was adopted by Council on October 27, 2015.