Rockhampton Recreational Fishing Voluntary Code of Practice

Rockhampton Fitzroy River Aerial at dawn

Fishing the Fitzroy - a net free zone

All commercial nets came out of the Fitzroy River, Queensland for the last time at the end of the 2015 Barramundi season. That year, just over 200 tons of fish (all species) were taken out of the river by commercial harvesters.

With this volume of fish no longer being removed, and remaining stocks allowed to breed and grow, the population of legal-sized fish has risen substantially and dramatically since the closure. The number of trophy Barra over the magic metre in length continues to grow each season, and with most of these wonderful sport fish released to fight and breed again, the overall picture is only improving with the passage of time.

It is important that the recreational fishing community takes appropriate steps to protect this community resource. To this end, the Rockhampton Regional Council has endorsed the Rockhampton Recreational Fishing Voluntary Code of Practice. It is the first Council in Australia to do so. This code sets out the values that Rockhampton as a community wants to see local and visiting fishers exhibiting whilst fishing in our Regional waters. The code is voluntary and the values are in detail below. Council strongly encourages everyone to read the values and sign up to the voluntary code of practice.

The other species to benefit greatly from the removal of the nets has been the mighty King Threadfin. These spectacular, hard-fighting fish are rapidly reaching a similar status to barramundi in the eyes of keen sport fishers. Threadfin often form large schools that can be easily identified using modern fish finders or sounders, providing amazing angling opportunities.

There are plenty of trophy-sized threadfin over a metre in length, and while they may be easy to find, they can be a little more challenging to catch! This simply makes for an even greater thrill when one finally takes a fly or lure and screams away, peeling line from the angler’s reel.



Rockhampton Fitzroy River night fishing

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