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Arrow's End Tattoo Parlour CBD Haylee Cotter

As a Rockhampton local, owner of The Arrow’s End Tattoo ParlourHaylee Cotter, has always been artistic and wanted to find a career that would allow her to unleash her creativity. In what was a very male dominated industry when she first began in 2009, Haylee became the first female to break into the local tattoo industry. Since then, we have seen many other females follow suit.

After working for a local parlour for 5 years, in 2014 Haylee decided it was time to step out on her own and build something a little different for the Rockhampton region.

“I think historically people believed going into a tattoo parlour was intimidating and I wanted to break that stigma.

“I wanted to create a space where everyone feels welcome. Whether you are a shy 18 year old girl looking for your first tattoo, a 40 year old business professional or anyone in between, The Arrow’s End is a place for people of all walks of life.”

Offering a more modern approach to tattooing focusing on the art, business is booming for The Arrow’s End with five full time artists.

“The call for professional tattoo services in Rockhampton offering good quality work at affordable prices is quite strong.”

Located in the heart of East Street, Haylee says it is the perfect destination for business. With vibrant cafés and shops surrounding as well as the manicured gardens and heritage buildings, the scenery is really something special.

“There is so much space available in the CBD and the buildings have so much character just waiting for someone to bring them to life. It definitely has a lot of potential just waiting to be unleashed.

“The more businesses we attract to the CBD, the better it is going to be and the more foot traffic we will start to see.”

As a young business owner, Haylee said she definitely would encourage other young people to jump on board.

“Being a young business owner, I think you have more passion and energy to put into it and you have time to watch it grow and expand.”

“There is nothing more gratifying than being self-employed and successful when you’re young.”

The Arrow’s End Tattoo Parlour is located at 151 East Street and is open Tuesday to Friday 9am - 3pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm or by appointment.

Ph: (07) 4921 1000