Student testimonials

Hear from students that studied and lived in Rockhampton

Find out what international students from high school and university enjoyed about living and studying in the Rockhampton Region. 

Name: Lili (Jiali) Song | Nanyang, Henan China

Where are you studying: Heights College | Year 10

It took some time for me to feel comfortable in Australia as I missed home. Heights College has been supportive of my integration; although my understanding of English was limited in the early days. I think I was more comfortable once my English improved and I could talk to others.

I have enjoyed making new friends, learning new subjects, seeing the ocean, visiting national parks and learning to swim.

I think all travel broadens the mind and I see the world in a broader sense now and can also see the vast opportunities for study, personal growth and career paths.

Name: Kaixiang Zhu | Canton, China

Where are you studying: CQUniversity | Master in Information Technology

Rockhampton is a very quiet and peaceful town. There is no hustle and bustle. People and the nature harmoniously live together. Everyday kangaroos visit the university campus and birds will sing on the table while you are having a lunch.

I got used to the new environment quickly and my homestay family helped me arrange everything important, such as opening a new bank account and applying for a mobile phone SIM card.  

Cultural diversity makes me feel very comfortable at CQUniveristy as there are students and staff from many countries.

Name: Eunice Eva | Papua New Guinea

Where are you studying: CQUniversity | Masters of Engineering

I am glad I chose Australia. With the help of many wonderful people and friends I have settled in well. I also thought of Australia as a country of opportunity.

I like the atmosphere around campus, it is very relaxed and conducive to my study.

My favourite areas are the gardens and of course the lawns, beautiful luscious and green. It also helps that there is free WiFi everywhere on campus.

My studies have taught me a lot about the correct leadership style that suits me individually and the confidence that when I return to PNG, I will be equipped with the proper tooling to become a role model and an ambassador of change for women and their development in PNG.

Name: Heetae Lim | South Korea

Where are you studying: The Cathedral College (Years 9-12)

It is great to come and study in Rockhampton at a boarding school. At the start, I was sad that I could not stay with my parents anymore, but eventually, boarding school life became fun. People at my school were kind. Schooling, boarding life, and activities were fun in the Cathedral College community. It was fun to play different kinds of sports that I never played before, and I think that is one of the main reasons why I like living in Rockhampton.

While studying in Rockhampton I have improved my vocabulary and have expanded my knowledge of Australian culture. Rockhampton has provided me with new experiences that I would have never even known about if I decided to stay in Korea. If there are any international students considering to study in Rockhampton, I strongly suggest just due to the fact that it is so new and there are countless things to discover and learn.

Heetae is currently the Number 1 Mathematics student in his year level at The Cathedral College and in the top 85% of English students.  He is achieving exceptionally well! - Ron Armstrong – Assistant Principal

Name: Nancy Duong (Vy Duong) | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Where are you studying: Rockhampton Grammar School (Year 11)

I chose Rockhampton because this is a peaceful place that can support me in my education, as I can concentrate on my studying and the atmosphere is also fresh too. I came here with a wish that I can improve my English skills, be more independent, and explore part of myself.

Studying in Central Queensland is helping me improve my English. I can concentrate on the subjects that will help me in my career. I think it will be valuable to me in my career, to have a better understanding of Australian people and culture

I have found that Australians are very friendly and helpful. I have learnt that making mistakes is okay, because after that I can improve myself. I realized that studying abroad helps me to be more independent, explore myself and I can open a brand new door for my future.

Name: JiaJie Jack Lu | Shanghai, China

Where are you studying: Rockhampton Grammar School (Years 10)

I chose Rockhampton because it has rich and comprehensive educational resources and academic atmosphere. I can choose subjects that I am good at and that I can further develop. The low cost of living is also a very attractive feature to living in Central Queensland. 

In addition to learning, my biggest change is to start to love outdoor sports (snorkeling, camping). Before coming to boarding school in Rockhampton, I was a person who didn't like to spend time in the outdoors, but when I came here, I started to like sports and other outdoor activities. One thing I love the most is connecting with the rich and diverse marine life here. There are plenty of outdoor activities that keep us close to nature.

I think that students who are educated in Australia can have more diverse professional choices; they can choose a major to suit their own preferences; and they can lay a solid foundation for future study and a profession of their choice. They can learn to lead a life where they balance work with healthy interests and hobbies, and can enjoy the outdoors.