Getting to know us

A relaxed culture

One of the first things you’ll notice about ‘Aussies’, as Australians call themselves, is that there are people from many different  nationalities living here. We show respect to our Aboriginal heritage as well as customs from different countries, and you’ll find community organisations, restaurants and celebrations across a wide range of international groups are present here. 

We are also very proud of our beautiful country, our democracy and our Aussie traditions, and we love where we live – even though we make fun of ourselves and others sometimes! 

In Rockhampton we enjoy a ‘laid-back’, relaxed lifestyle. Our pace of life is a little more relaxed than in many big cities, we take time to visit friends and family and make the most of the beautiful weather outdoors.

It’s not unusual to be invited to a barbecue for lunch or dinner at someone’s home, also known as a ‘barbie’. It is polite to bring a little amount of food to contribute, or a small inexpensive gift for the host such as, snack foods or chocolates. 

Check out this Aussie Slang guide to help with learning some common words and phrases.

Aussie Slang Meaning Aussie Slang Meaning Aussie Slang Meaning Aussie Slang Meaning
Aussie Australian Awesome Terrific Bloke A man Cuppa A cup of coffee or tea
Chockers Full I will shout you I will pay for you Dag Unstylish person Dunno I don't know
Fair go A chance Footy Football G'day Hello Hectic Busy
Heaps A lot Hit the road To leave How are you going? How are you? Are you right? Do you need some help?
Hard yakka Hard work In a nutshell Brief and concise Knock back Refuse No drama No problem
No worries No problem Nut out Work something out Offsider Assistant Pull someone's leg Play a joke on someone
Rip off Expensive Take a hike Go away This arvo This afternoon Uni University
Unreal Really good What's up What is going on? Avo Avocado Barbie Barbeque
Dunny Toilet Maccas McDonalds Mozzie Mosquito Runners Sneakers