Getting to Rockhampton

How do I get to Rockhampton? 

Your education provider will give you information about when you should arrive in Rockhampton to start your studies. If reasonable, you may want to allow a little bit of time to get organised, explore Rockhampton and familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. 

From your home country, you can fly into Brisbane, here you will collect your luggage and go through customs and immigration. We recommend using the free shuttle bus or free Airtrain service from the International Terminal to transfer to the Domestic Terminal where you will then catch your connecting 1-hour flight to Rockhampton. Check with your education provider, they may have services or options available to you for traveling to Rockhampton.
Click on the below map to open it in a new window as a PDF. 

TIP | If you don’t already have any Australian cash, use the Exchange service at the International Terminal, as you may need cash for transfers and food.

Rockhampton Airport only has one terminal with an open layout so it will be easy to collect your luggage and exit the airport.  You or your education provider may have arranged pick-up at the airport, or you can take a Taxi or Uber to your pre-booked accommodation. Taxis meet every flight, just outside the doors of the terminal.  There are no public buses or trains from the airport to the city.

Other options to travel from Brisbane to Rockhampton include train or bus.

  • There is a daily train service that takes 7.5 hours to reach Rockhampton. The Tilt Train to Rockhampton leaves Brisbane from Roma Street station in Brisbane city.
  • Greyhound Australia offers two daily bus services, leaving the Brisbane Coach terminal at midday or 3pm.
  • Tourist bus services take a longer route but allow you to explore Queensland on your way to Rockhampton, if you have some time to spare.

TIP | Be sure to check what time your train or bus arrives in Rockhampton, and have a plan to get from the station to your accommodation as there is no public transport available from these terminals.