What else do I need?

Have you packed...

Thoroughly read the documentation provided by your education provider for recommendations and guidelines on items to bring with you. In addition to your documents, some important items to remember are listed below. 

 Tip | Be sure to check your luggage limits with your Airline, carrying too much luggage may incur additional charges. 

Medical needs  Medicines and health aids, with any prescriptions in English. Check with your chemist or doctor for advice. 
Money Convert at least $500 AUD to begin with and gather information on opening an Australian bank account.
Travel Adaptor

In Australia power points are Type I. The standard voltage is 240v and the standard frequency is 50Hz.

Type I powerpoint
Clothing and personal items Include a few small personal items or photos to remind you of home and family. It is warm and sunny most of the year so pack light!
Australian Customs Services

Can you bring it in?Restricted items.

There are some items that you are not able to bring into Australia, such as fresh fruit and homemade food items and some items you can bring into Australia, but you will need to declare them, such as, prescription medicines and duty free items. You can be fined for not declaring items, so be sure to visit the Australian Border Force Website for more information and a comprehensive list of items.
Education Provider Your education provider may have requested or restricted items, check their documentation for details.