Documents you will need

Important documents you will need 

Getting yourself organised to study overseas will take a bit of planning, it is a good idea to research your education institution and new city online. To help get you started, here’s a list of things you will need to arrange before you set off on your journey. 

Tip | Take a photocopy or photo of important documents and keep them separate to your originals, also leave a copy with your family for safekeeping.

Passport  Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months longer than the duration of your time in Australia and remember to keep it safe while traveling. Have additional copies as a backup. 
Identification Some circumstances or situations in Australia may require proof of identification, in addition to your passport you may need to provide your birth certificate and photo id., such as driver’s licence or student id.
Visa Arrange your Visa: Information can be found at Australian Government Department of Home Affairs
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) It is a visa requirement that all students have adequate health insurance while they are in Australia. Go to for further information. Read your documentation carefully to ensure you have the right cover.
Travel insurance It is not mandatory for Australia, but travel insurance can offer protection against an array of unforeseen events, such as medical emergencies, missed or cancelled flights or vehicle accidents. Check with your preferred provider and make sure you have a cover that is right for you. 
Education transcripts Your education or training provider will issue you with important information regarding your enrolment, arrival and studies. These include, Confirmation of Enrolment, term dates, study plan, contact information etc.
Work references (in English) If you have written references, these will help to gain part-time or casual employment while you study. 
Flights, travel itinerary and information. Book your flights, bring your tickets and know your itinerary, planning when and where you should be will help to make your travel easier.
Accommodation Make sure you research and book your Rockhampton accommodation before you leave home.
Airport pickup Have a plan how you will get to your accommodation from the Airport. You may be meeting someone or plan to catch a taxi/Uber.  
Contact Information Provide a copy of your travel itinerary and contact details to your family and friends and your education provider, so you are contactable during your travel and time abroad. (Be sure to update everyone if you are required to make any changes).