About Rockhampton

Beautiful sub-tropical region

About Rockhampton

What is the weather like?

Rockhampton is in the southern hemisphere and has a sub-tropical climate. Temperatures range from mild to warm all year round.

To stay cool in summer, light cotton-based clothing, such as light dresses, t-shirts, shorts or skirts with a hat and sandals are best. Remember to pack a swimsuit to cool off at the pool or beach! Water and Sun Safety are important, so take a look at our section on staying safe for great advice about sun safety in our sub-tropical Region.

In winter, Jeans or leggings a long sleeve shirt or blouse and cardigan with closed in shoes or boots will keep you comfortable during the day, you will need a light jacket for the evenings and early mornings.

You may be required to wear a summer or winter school uniform, check with your education provider for information on uniform requirements.



Average daily temperature °C


Summer December, January, February  Mid 20's to high 30's It can feel quite warm and humid during the day and stays warm during the night. Occasional storms in the afternoon. 
Autumn March, April, May Low 20’s to Low 30’s It starts to cool down but can be warm if you are active outdoors. 
Winter June, July, August Under 10 to low 20’s  The evenings and mornings are cool and the days are generally nice and sunny with clear blue skies and dry air.  
Spring September, October, November  Over 10 to high 20’s

It is usually still quite pleasant during Spring but can be warm if you are active outdoors.