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Welcome to Rockhampton

Congratulations for choosing to study in Rockhampton, Australia, the largest city in Central Queensland.  Our schools and university are among the best in Australia and our city is known for its warm welcome, beautiful outdoor lifestyle, affordable cost of living and year-round pleasant weather with 300 days of sunshine a year.

Our city is a major regional town, spread out over a large valley with hills to the east and west and the Fitzroy River running right through the middle. The Capricorn Coast beaches are about 30 minutes’ drive to the east. Most residents live in extensive suburbs surrounding the central business district. Click the below map to see the locations of all our schools. 

School map for Rockhampton

Whether you are planning to stay for a few weeks or a few years, we want you to have an enjoyable, rewarding experience and make many life-long friends and connections.

Making the move and settling in a new country is exciting, but it can be challenging at the same time. Please take time to read these pages so you know what to bring, what to expect from living here, and how to make the most out of your time in Rockhampton.

Below is a copy of our Pre-Departure Guide which is available to download as a PDF.


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