Friendship City: Zhenjiang, China

Rockhampton Regional Council Mayor Margaret Strelow signed a Friendship City Agreement with Zhenjiang on 27 November 2016, then a Sister City agreement on 7 November 2018 creating the first sister friendship city with a Chinese counterpart. Zhenjiang honourably declared the 7 November 2019 ‘Rockhampton Day’ in their city. 

Advance Rockhampton has been working hard behind the scenes to enhance our relationship, collaborating with Zhenjiang on economic development, education, tourism, agriculture, culture, environment, sports and the arts. Since the original signing there have been a number of exploratory exchanges between the two cities.

Some of the exciting milestones and projects between cities include:

  • Newspaper Articles: New connection between The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) and the Zhenjiang Daily Media Group has led to both groups running quarterly feature articles. The articles will showcase sister city history, things to do, events, investment opportunities and developments of significance.
  • Library Book Exchange: Rockhampton Regional Council and Zhenjiang exchanged 100 books from each city which continue to be displayed and available to borrow in the library of each city. The books from Zhenjiang give an insight to their city and culture.
  • Sister schools: The Zhenjiang Education Bureau and the Study Rockhampton Cluster are working together to establish Sister School exchanges. This exciting project will see student and teacher exchanges and educational programs conducted between our schools.
  • Rockhampton-Zhenjiang Video Clips: Short promotional video clips developed to showcase Rockhampton and Zhenjiang. The video clips will be aired via Zhenjiang’s public electronic boards to promote Rockhampton to the residents of Zhenjiang and likewise here in Rockhampton to showcase Zhenjiang.
  • Artist exchange: A local Rockhampton Artist will visit Zhenjiang in  2019 to learn about the art in China. Zhenjiang will also send their own artist next year to discover Australian art practices. 
  • Health, Allied Health and Medical Cooperation: The two cities are investigating and discussing the possibility to initiate programs in 2019.


Zhenjiang was an area greatly fought over from the 8th century BC onward, having been known first as Yi and later as Zhufang and Guyang. After many name changes over the years it was given the name Zhenjiang in 1918. Since the 1980’s, this piece of land has become the land of hope and dreams in China’s energetic pursuit of economic reform and a market economy. More than 1,300 companies from 80-plus countries and regions have made investments here. 

Zhenjiang is centrally located in the Yangtze Delta Region, Jiangsu Province. The Province is one of the most dynamic and economically advanced areas in China due to its unique position at the crossroads of the Yangtze River and the Great Canal and its convenient connections to other important Cities in the region.  

Land area:  Zhenjiang covers 3,799 square kilometres

Population: 3.11 million.

Climate: Zhenjiang has four distinct seasons, and is a subtropical monsoon climate. The average annual temperature is 15.4 C. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Zhenjiang. 

Tourism and events: There are several districts and counties under the Zhenjiang jurisdiction. It is an important port, industrial and commercial centre and tourist destination. Zhenjiang is home to Wu Culture and Yantze River historical and cultural heritage sites that have been well-preserved for visitors to appreciate. Zhenjiang is the cradle of Wu Culture, a unique culture which can be described as delicate, graceful and refined. This is a special asset, as other regions have not preserved their unique cultural traditions of China. Visitors are also welcome to learn about the importance of Zhenjiang and the city's 5000 years of Chinese civilisation. In the tumultuous history of China’s feudal society, Zhenjiang was always regarded as a place with strategic importance, even more so after three emperors were born in the city.