Industry Engagement

Helping your business grow

Advance Rockhampton’s Tourism Unit stands ready to support and encourage your tourism business. Whether you are part of the tourism supply chain, looking to hold a business or community event in the Region, or you have a fledgling idea needing collaboration and mentoring, get in touch today. We can supply local, state, national and international contacts, information and resources - we make it our business to make your business grow.

Capricorn SPIRE Visitor Information Centre

The Tropic of Capricorn Spire Visitor Information Centre is a bustling one-stop shop for road travellers, staffed by knowledgeable, enthusiastic volunteers most days of the year.

Is your business already represented in the maps, brochures and itineraries stocked at the Information Centre, and also available online? If not, get in touch today to get your business seen in the brochure library.  

Tourism Research Australia

Tourism Research Australia’s Local Government Area Profiles assist industry and Government decision making and identify and support investment opportunities, particularly in regional Australia.

The Rockhampton Profile is available for viewing.

Australian Accommodation Monitor

The Australian Accommodation Monitor will be used as the main base for identifying visitation to the Rockhampton Region. Advance Rockhampton is encouraging all accommodation providers within the region to provide their statistics through to STR. STR are the leading source of accommodation performance data in Australia and have been contracted by the Australian Government to provide accommodation statistics. Information on the Australian Accommodation Monitoring system is available here.