Food Processing Facility

Potential for development in food processing 

As the Beef Capital of Australia, Rockhampton has been making a concerted effort to diversity the agricultural industry. Given the region’s sub-tropical climate, proximity to a wide range of fresh fruit farms, accessibility to quality water and a connected and advanced infrastructure and transport network, we have many agricultural businesses that are well placed to grow, support the industry and create jobs.

As a way to diversify this industry and encourage businesses to ‘think outside the box’, we believe accessibility to a Multi-use Commercial Food Processing Facility with a series of agribusiness focused workshops may be a way to experiment with their ideas, create new products and grow their businesses to maximise the return from their produce.

Not just for the agricultural industry, there are many existing food businesses looking for ways to expand or even entrepreneurs looking for somewhere to start.

The Economic Development Team at Advance Rockhampton conducted a feasibility survey in April 2019, results identified that a commercial food processing hub with information workshops would be welcomed and well utilized in our community and the greater Central Queensland region. The team are now further researching ways to deliver the facility here in Rockhampton.

Any food processing ideas that will help to develop ‘Rockhampton’s Foodie Culture’ are encouraged to contact Advance Rockhampton