A major growth area for Rockhampton 

More than just the Beef Capital, Rockhampton’s aim is to be the Aquaculture Capital of Queensland in coming years. Our Advancing Aquaculture in Rockhampton development and capability document details the massive potential for the future.

The Rockhampton Region provides aquaculture developers with a platform to launch potential large scale aquaculture developments, whether they be pond-based or tank-based aquaculture systems (subject to approvals).

The Rockhampton Region boasts more than 3500 hectares in the Fitzroy River delta, recently identified by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries as more than 50% of the best potential Aquaculture Development Areas (ADA) in the state, with both fresh and saltwater opportunities.

The location of each ADA is available online and also through the State Planning Policy interactive mapping system.

Advance Rockhampton is focused on developing the region’s end-to-end aquaculture supply chain, working with landholders and local businesses that may provide a link. These could be anything from feed manufacturers, to tank and infrastructure manufacturers, hatchery and processing plant manufacturers, earthmovers and packing and transport experts.

The growing aquaculture industry will need people from a very wide range of skills and backgrounds, including unskilled labour, technical expertise in hatcheries, feeding and harvesting, marketing and sales and transport to local, national or overseas markets.

We already have the infrastructure in place to be the logistical hub for this growing industry. Rockhampton Airport lands the largest aircraft in the world and has the capacity for increased freight services.  With Singapore a seven-hour flight from Rockhampton, this opens up opportunities for international trade of aquaculture products to Asia.