Strategically located for agriculture investment 

Agricultural production in the Rockhampton region currently exceeds $200 million annually. The wider Central Queensland region is ideally suited for irrigated and dryland cropping, horticulture and forestry, offering a range of agricultural growth options and economic diversity.

There is significant potential to increase local coarse grain production for use in regional feedlots, and other common horticultural crops including market vegetables, citrus fruits, tropical orchard fruits, and plantation fruits. Black sesame and other high-value, high-demand boutique crops suited to our climate are currently in trials and development.

The anticipated construction of Rookwood Weir is expected to be the catalyst for further development of high-value agriculture in the Rockhampton region in the very near future. The Fitzroy River, along with other major water bodies in Central Queensland, already provides excellent water security, underpinning the potential for more intensive horticultural production.

Our strategic location, combined with the region’s competitive advantages in climate, supportive infrastructure and economic diversity, sets the stage for Rockhampton’s bright future as the crucial key to the Fitzroy Agriculture Corridor. The Grow Rockhampton brochure(PDF, 4MB) provides detailed economic, geological, climate and logistical support information to inform decision-making and investment in the huge potential of this outstandingly diverse area of Central Queensland.