Rookwood Weir Landholder Support and Grants Program

Tap into new opportunities

Advance Rockhampton are the facilitators of the Sunwater Rookwood Weir Landholder Support and Grants Program

A $1.2 million Sunwater program is being facilitated by Advance Rockhampton to help Central Queensland farmers understand potential agricultural opportunities associated with irrigation ahead of the Rookwood Weir Tender Two process (2022).

A variety of support tools and a grants program is being provided to assist landholder to further understand and assess options available to them.

Support tools include: Rookwood Weir Financial analysis tool, Rookwood Weir Crop Suitability tool, Land suitability maps and the Lower Fitzroy Soils map.

The Rookwood Weir Grants Program will also be released soon where landholders in the Lower Fitzroy region can apply. The grants program will provide a package consisting of expert consultancy support to help landholders develop an Agricultural Report, a Business Plan and there will also be a designated rebate for landholders to seek independent financial advice.

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For enquiries relating to the Rookwood Weir Landholder Support and Grants program, please contact:

Wade Clark

Industry Engagement Manager

E: | P: 4936 8577  | M: 0458 579 457


More About Rookwood Weir

The Rookwood Weir is a landmark project that will capture valuable water in the lower Fitzroy, ultimately generating new economic & employment opportunities including intensive agricultural industry development. It will also support urban and industrial growth and water security.

The design and construction of the Rookwood Weir will be managed by Sunwater (construction authority, operator & water marketer), GHD (designer) and McCosker Contracting and ACCIONA (constructor). Funding for the project by the State and Federal Governments is fully committed and early works have commenced with the weir construction anticipated to be completed in 2023. 

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