Regional Wayfinding and Signage

Project overview

In 2016, Rockhampton Regional Council identified the need to improve wayfinding and signage across the region to better inform and direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic while also creating a stronger regional identity.

Project Purpose

The Regional Signage Strategy document outlines the signage guidelines and standards for:

  • Rockhampton Gateway Entry Statements
  • Regional Town Gateway signs
  • Airport Arrival Gateway signs
  • Vehicle Directional signs
  • Riverside Precinct signs (implemented as part of Riverbank Revitalisation Project)
  • City Precinct signs
  • Kershaw Gardens signs (implemented as part of Kershaw Gardens Redevelopment)
  • Recreational Precinct signs
  • Local Park signs
  • Mount Archer and Trail signs
  • Digital Promotional signs

The Regional Signage Strategy will be implemented over the next five to ten years and will deliver a consistent look and feel across our community.

Regional Signage Manual

Consultants Dot Dash produced the Regional Signage Manual. This manual describes the various wayfinding systems to be applied and implemented throughout the region. It has been designed to align with future master-planning and redevelopment of the city and its diverse regional areas.

Construction timeframes

The Regional Signage Strategy will be implemented in a staged approach. 

Total Implementation: Finalised over five to ten years.

Project One: Gateway Entrance Signs
Start: July 2017
Status: Tender awarded
Completion Due: 30 September 2017.

Project Two: Local Park Signs
Start: August 2017
Status: Initiating

Project One: Gateway Entrance signs

The Gateway Entrance signs are to be a bold and memorable statements, welcoming visitors to the Rockhampton Region.

Made from steel and basalt rock, the solid structures will convey an authentic and contemporary image of the region .

Start: July 2017
Status: Tender awarded for the design and construction of the Gateway Entrance signs to Scream Visual; Innovative Custom Solutions for Businesses.
Completion Due: 30 September 2017
Project Cost: $139,744

Scope of work:

  • Southern Rockhampton entrance*
  • Western Gracemere entrance
  • Western and Eastern Bouldercombe entrances
  • Northern and Southern Mount Morgan entrances

A total of six signs will be manufactured and installed.

* Due to the impending Transport and Main Roads highway upgrade, the Northern Rockhampton entrance will be installed on the completion of this work.

Project Two: Local Parks signs

Local Park signs identify the name of the local parks on both vehicular and pedestrian approaches. The Rockhampton Region is proud to have named a number of parks named after significant local identities so it important to ensure the signage is respectful and well built.

Local Park Signs will be installed on an ‘as needs’ basis.

Project Two: Local Park Signs
Start: August 2017
Status: Initiating