Smart Regional Centre Strategy

Rockhampton Fitzroy River Edge Empire Bridge

In an increasingly digital economy and technology driven age, Rockhampton is looking towards new approaches, innovative technologies, and smart infrastructure to create an environment that supports community and economic growth.

Smart cities are magnets for knowledge, talent, creativity, high value jobs and investment. Through its Smartway Forward Strategy, Rockhampton will attract and retain talent and grow its economy.

To this end, we have invested heavily in this strategy, because the cost of not taking a smarter way forward, is to risk losing the next generation of talent and key demographics, who will eventually gravitate to cities that do have this amenity.

Rockhampton is embracing innovation and bringing digitisation into all aspects of human and business life in the region.

Council’s plan focuses on the economy, the built and natural environments and ensuring our region is a great place to live, work and play. Rockhampton Region: the smart way forward will assist us to achieve our vision of One Great Region, maximise the benefits of smart technologies, innovate in service delivery, and build knowledge-based industries to provide the jobs of tomorrow.

Just some of the ways we will adapt, and meet the needs of tomorrow’s business and community are:

  • Increasing community engagement through volunteer projects

  • Free Wi-Fi in selected community areas

  • Reinvigorating the CBD as a place of choice for new business

  • Increased support for start-up businesses

  • Up to date broadcasting of real-time community safety information

  • Making it easier for Rockhampton businesses to access what they need from across the state

  • Increasing community access to reliable broadband and mobile reception across the region

  • Establishing a digitally enabled museum of Rockhampton to showcase the history of the Region

  • Better flood prediction using information from river levels

  • Encouraging tourists to stay longer and spend more in the region

  • Connecting existing industries like agri-business with information about best practice

Collaboration plays a fundamental role in enabling Rockhampton and CQ to realise its potential as a key innovation area for Queensland and Australia. It is a complex process and cannot be done by  Council alone, so collaboration with experts and helping businesses help each other are fundamental to successful outcomes.

Our overall aim is to be a city that uses technology to make things easier, more liveable and sustainable for everyone.

We want to work together as One Great Region to attract and retain smart people, to innovate and be a leading region for creativity, collaboration in business, education and training, that meets the needs of tomorrow’s jobs.

Through technology, collaboration and the Smartway Forward, we will increase livability and amenity attractiveness as a city, with pride and promotion in everything that Rockhampton stands for.