Gear Up Rocky

Rockhampton is uniquely positioned as the Gateway to Northern Australia and as such is on the junction of major road and rail networks. With proximity to the Bowen Basin and strategic access to the Galilee Basin Rockhampton is a key service and logistics hub for the coal industry, providing road, rail and air services.

Rockhampton Regional Council through its Economic Development Action Plan is committed to creating a vibrant business environment that is innovative, competitive, productive and prosperous.

Our Region has a wealth of small, medium and large businesses that excel in their chosen fields. And as a region we will work together to make sure we are ready for the opportunities in the supply chain network to come out of the multi-billion dollar Adani Carmichael Mine project.

Rockhampton Regional Council’s "Gear Up Rocky" initiative will do just that. From startup entrepreneurs to mining equipment technology and services specialists we are advancing Rockhampton businesses to find their entry point in the Adani supply chain network.


We understand that local business operators are busy working hard delivering quality products and services in a competitive and challenging economic environment. This can make it challenging to position your business for new supply chain opportunities

Rockhampton Regional Council’s aim is to be right there with your business, supporting and guiding you through this opportunity at every step of the way.

For more information contact the Regional Development Team on 07 4932 9000 or email