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Rockhampton warmly welcomes and encourages international students to the region; we embrace the cultural diversity and intellectual immersion into our community.  Rockhampton has so much to offer as a destination to study, live and explore and its Central Queensland location is a safe community thriving with opportunities which delivers world-class, internationally recognised qualifications.

The benefits and opportunities of Rockhampton as a study destination for students include its considerable strengths, especially access to high-quality education in Agricultural Science, Business and Law, Engineering and Technology, Health and Medical Applied Science, Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences, Education and the Arts, Hospitality and Marine Studies.  Our education facilities are state of the art and offer quality assured teaching programs and hands on learning advantages.  Our education providers can offer comfortable boarding options and a wide range of extra-curricular activities for all year level students.

Additional advantages for studying in Rockhampton include an increased opportunity for cultural experiences due to smaller international cohorts, attractive visa arrangements, improved migration opportunities, affordable cost of living, support for post-study employment outcomes, cooperative study cluster and relative industry services to deliver a comprehensive experience.

Rockhampton embraces more than just inbound students.  Supported by the Rockhampton study cluster, our international education engagement models consist of -

  • Inbound student programs
  • Working holiday and internship programs
  • Study tours and customized training
  • Outbound student programs
  • Transnational delivery
  • Staff exchange and professional development
  • Aid and development programs
  • Management contracts.

Key contact

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study rockhampton

Study Rockhampton heads the drive to attract international students to study at institutions based in the Rockhampton Region.

The Study Rockhampton (English)(PDF, 3MB) and Study Rockhampton (Chinese)(PDF, 5MB) brochures have been prepared by Advance Rockhampton to assist international students considering the excellent  educational opportunities in our region.

English language intensive courses for overseas students (elicos)

Employment and job information

Key employment sectors in the Rockhampton Regional Council area include health care, retail trade, education and manufacturing. Major health care facilities in the Council area are Rockhampton Hospital, Mount Morgan Hospital, Mater Misericordia Hospital Rockhampton and Hillcrest Rockhampton Private Hospital as well as numerous aged care facilities. The main retail centre is the Rockhampton Central Business District (including City Centre Plaza and East Street Mall), with other significant retail centres at Allenstown Square, Gracemere Shoppingworld, Gracemere Plaza, Northside Plaza, Stockland Rockhampton and Red Hill Homemaker Centre.

The jobs to residents ratio for Rockhampton region in 2015-16 was 1.07, meaning that there were more jobs than resident workers. Education and Training had the highest ratio (1.24) followed by Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Public Administration, Health Care and Social Assistance, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services and Financial and Insurance Services. 

The largest employer was Health Care and Social Assistance generating 6,249 local jobs in 2015-16, followed by Retail Trade (4,568), Education and Training (4,402), Construction (3,401), Public Administration (3,294), Manufacturing (3,163) and Hospitality Industry (2,946).  

Major industries in Rockhampton with a strong number of jobs can be identified as areas of potential studies in Rockhampton Region for international students as they provide potential for post-study work opportunities to international students.

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Competitive Living Expenses

Wages: In Rockhampton, 68.8 per cent of households earned an income of more than $650 per week in 2016 with the weekly income range of $1,000-$3,000 taking up approximately 45 per cent. 

Housing cost: At June 2017, the median prices for houses and units in the Rockhampton Region were $267,370 and $232,392 which compares well with Queensland median prices of $459,353 and $353,056.  

Housing rental: At June 2017, the median weekly rental for houses and units in the Rockhampton Region was $280 and $220 which compares well with Queensland median prices of $385 and $345.  

Housing prices often factor in a home ownership premium due to expected capital growth and the ability to customise the property, but rental costs are a more direct measure of the immediate economic value of living in the area. Increases in rents often have a more direct relationship to employment and demand for housing.