What is it GEMBOREE?

The GEMBOREE is a national annual event supported by the Australian Federation of Lapidary and Allied Crafts Association Incorporated (AFLACA).  The 2019 GEMBOREE is being hosted by the Queensland Gem Clubs Association Incorporated (QGCA). It is being held in Rockhampton at Easter 2019. GEMBOREES are hosted in a different state and city each year by the state body. The 2018 GEMBOREES was held in Willunga, South Australia and in 2020 it will be held in Albury.


 The 2019 GEMBOREE is:

  • The 55th Annual Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show by AFLACA. 
  • Australia’s biggest Lapidary, Rock, Fossil, Mineral, Gem and Jewellery Competition and Trade Show.
  • Being held at the Rockhampton Show grounds.

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For the first time, the GEMBOREE in 2019 will include an international symposium sponsored by the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA) and will include guest presenters and lectures.  The aim of the symposium is to attract more national and international visitors as well as provide an additional opportunity to learn more about minerals and gemmology, particularly those in the Central Queensland Region. The Gemmological Symposium will bring to Rockhampton for the first time a program of presentations that will interest gemmologists, jewellers and anyone interested in gemmology and gems. This event is open to all GEMBOREE patrons and members of the public. The combination of the SYMPOSIUM and the GEMBOREE will provide a wonderful opportunity to not only see and purchase gemstones but also to learn more about them.

The GEMBOREE will give visitors the opportunity to visit the Sapphire Gemfields in the Central Highlands. They will be able to see operating sapphire mines, learn about fossicking and lapidary activities in the area.  The site visit will also enable local gemstone retailers and supply businesses to showcase their products.  Visitors can learn about end-to-end sapphire and other gemstone production for the area.

The GEMBOREE will attract competitors from all over Australia and Internationally and traders from all over Australia. Traders may sell only items related to lapidary.  As well as the competition and trading there will be demonstrations and workshops of lapidary related skills.

 From the President (Event Coordinator)

A key aim of the 2019 GEMBOREE is to showcase the gemstone and minerals activities of Australia to local, national and international visitors and exhibitors. This event is being hosted by Queensland Gem Clubs Association (QGCA).

Another important aspect of the 2019 GEMBOREE is the promotion of tourism and lapidary related activities in Queensland. Areas targeted include The Caves, the Gemfields, Clermont (gold fossicking), Opalton and Agate Creek. The GEMBOREE will give patrons the opportunity to join field trips in the local area and to the Gemfields.

QGCA is aiming to run one of the biggest and best GEMBOREES to date. It is fortunate to have the assistance and cooperation of a number of advisers with industry and marketing expertise. The organisers are inviting local people, clubs and organisations, gemstone businesses and tourism operators to partner with them to achieve this aim.

The GEMBOREE is organised and coordinated by volunteers and will cost in excess of $250,000 to run.  

For more information, visit the GEMBOREE Facebook, AFLACA Website or click here to download event forms.