Planning and Construction

Rockhampton Riverside Redevelopment

Development Incentives

Influential development incentives initiated by Rockhampton Regional Council make it easier and simpler for developers to do business with Council.  It also provides a range of incentives to stimulate development activity leading to increased economic growth and employment.

Incentives to invest in our region, outlined in the 2017-2019 Development Incentives Policy, will turbocharge our economy and give even more industries reason to start up and expand.

Some of the industries the incentives focus on include, but are not limited to:

  • Aged Care & Retirement
  • Destination Tourism
  • Education & Training
  • Farm Stay Accommodation
  • Medical, Health & Community Services

Expansion, dependability AND reliable access

Ensuring new and existing developments have stability and room for expansion, major infrastructure investments have continued to be built by the Australian and Queensland Governments.  The $170 million Yeppen South bridge over the floodplain between Rockhampton and Gracemere, ensures access is maintained during flood prone seasons.

A $121 million upgrade of the Bruce Highway will improve Rockhampton’s northern access, while $75 million will be spent to provide a double lane highway between Rockhampton and Gracemere.

The Development Incentives Policy seeks to attract and support projects that will deliver great economic benefits to the Rockhampton Regional Council Local Government Area, and developers who see evidence of Council endeavours in this manner are more confident in their decisions to invest locally.

Rockhampton Riverside Customs House

Rockhampton CBD Redevelopment Framework

Rockhampton CBD has been fast tracked to become the business, community and employment hub of Central Queensland.

These changes to the Rockhampton city centre are instrumental in consolidating the region, providing a mix of residential, commercial, retail, civic and community uses, to develop a thriving and vibrant business district and city centre, complementing and enhancing Rockhampton’s existing business offering.

Council’s 20-year vision is underway with a world-class waterfront area on the shores of the Fitzroy River. The design incorporates playground areas, river lookouts, shaded walkways and gathering spaces.

Inner-city living, entertainment in our laneways, shared spaces, and nurturing local arts, along with attention to cultural and heritage origins of the city, are also key parts of the Rockhampton CBD Redevelopment Framework.

Planning Scheme

The Rockhampton Planning Scheme integrates and balances economic, social and environmental needs and aspirations of the local community, to provide an orderly approach to land use and change. It focuses on land use, development, infrastructure and valuable features of the area.

Guiding the Region’s future growth and development is one of the main tenets of the Council’s responsibility. The Rockhampton Planning Scheme helps Council to manage population growth, plan for a sustainable future, and guide the way land is used and developed across the city.

The scheme includes provisions relating to a range of matters, such as the intensity and design of development, as well as the preservation and conservation of places and areas considered important to the region’s future, and as a legacy to future generations or Rockhampton locals.