Mining and Resources

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Rockhampton is not a ‘mining town’; it is an advanced service hub for the resources sector.

The mining sector and associated industries have greatly benefited from increased activity, with our region now producing 40% of Queensland’s coal production.

Rockhampton is strategically located within proximity to Queensland’s major mining regions, and services the Bowen and Galilee Basins within Central Queensland. Our strategic role as a key hub for logistics and exports and support service centre for the significant resource deposits and projects in these areas, has a competitive edge due to excellent rail, road and port connectivity.


Gracemere warehouse forklift

Expansion of the sector through the development of many resource projects and associated infrastructure and facilities, has seen unprecedented levels of exploration and development activity in Central Queensland.

The Bowen Basin is the state’s primary coal mining region, with production transported by rail to the Port of Gladstone, Hay Point and Abbot Point ports for export. Japan, China and other East Asian markets represent the primary destination for the region’s coal export.

Parkhurst Industrial Estate

Parkhurst, north of Rockhampton, is the perfect location for this advancing industrial growth area.

A section of the Bruce Highway passes through the centre of the suburb from south to north, while the North Coast railway line also passes through the suburb from south to north, on the western side of the highway.

With Parkhurst industrial facilities, the estate is able to offer infrastructure and services for which there are significant economies of scale. As an investment in Rockhampton’s growth, it provides a foundation for advanced economic development by accelerating industrial development and creating employment opportunities. Furthermore, it is an engine to promote specific industrial sectors and groups of skilled and qualified persons; could enhance the relocation of industries, especially small scale and artisan industries, away from Rockhampton’s more congested areas.

For business looking to invest in business development, Parkhurst’s primary objective is to provide advanced integral infrastructure to small and medium-scale industries, which have high value, expect sustained growth and provide vital services to the Rockhampton region.

Gracemere industrial estate

Gracemere Industrial Area

Gracemere Industrial Area has the capacity to house businesses servicing the Bowen, Galilee and Surat Basin coal mines.  

It is an important asset for our Region as it expands our ability as a major service point for Central Queensland business.

Gracemere Industry Park is a 25Ha industrial land subdivision located on Somerset Road, Gracemere, approximately 10km west of Rockhampton City. It is a major boost for investment in Rockhampton, catering for the overflow from the existing industrial precincts that are at capacity, while also allowing for growing demand for industrial land required to service the mining sector.

Road Trains are unable to enter the current Rockhampton industrial precincts with consequent loss of time and double handling required. Alternatively, Gracemere will be the starting point for access to industry and mining throughout the region, and has been designed to cater for a wide range of transport requirements.  

The estate is one of the few industry parks in Queensland capable of catering for Road Trains in both an allowable use context and within its internal road systems.