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 Rockhampton, the economic heart of Central Queensland, is currently experiencing economic and investment growth. Agricultural opportunities in our region have stimulated renewed interest in agricultural development for Central Queensland, in part due to the pending construction of the Rookwood Weir project.

Proximity to growing Asian markets, increasing global demand for food and natural fibre, and development of economic growth, not just for Rockhampton but our regional towns as well, all bode well for Central Queensland’s agricultural industry growth.

The distance to market from our ports is a critical factor. It aides in the viability of our large-scale developments, allowing us to produce bulk commodities or commodities that need to reach the market within a short period, such as horticultural produce.

Rockhampton’s central location along major north, south and west transport and freight infrastructure routes position it in the fast lane for regional economic expansion.

The strategic location of the Fitzroy River, as well as other major water bodies in Central Queensland, provides excellent water security, underpinning the potential for more intensive horticultural production.

As the beef capital of Australia, the region is the state’s second largest contributor by value of agricultural commodities in Queensland. Central Queensland is dominated by beef cattle production and, also supports rain-fed and irrigated cropping, horticulture and forestry.

Rockhampton’s beef value production represents one third of all Queensland production with three major abattoirs, around 4 million head of cattle, and over a $1bn in overall product value.

Aquaculture is also a growth industry for Central Queensland, and fits well with our beef reputation and productivity. Surf and turf farming, as it’s known, is allowing businesses to diversify into fish farming, such as barramundi breeds, which is able to flourish on small acreage with high productivity and quality output.

Rockhampton offers a range of agricultural growth options in support of its economic diversity. The potential to increase local coarse grain production for use in regional feedlots is significant, and other common horticultural crops include market vegetables, citrus fruits, tropical orchard fruits, and plantation fruits.   A range of economic activities and investment opportunities, as well as its strategic location, are just a few factors which combined with the region’s competitive advantages, set the stage for a bright future as the key to the Fitzroy Food Corridor.

Advance Rockhampton has been actively involved in encouraging further agribusiness opportunities along the Fitzroy River and prepared the Grow Rockhampton(PDF, 3MB) brochure for distribution at Beef Australia in May 2018.  The brochure addresses locational advantages; water resources; land resources; existing production; intensive livestock opportunities; horticulture opportunities; industrial land; access and logistics; education, training and research; planning and development approvals; and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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Our region is more than just the Beef Capital.  Our aim is to be the Aquaculture Capital of Central Queensland in the coming years.

The Rockhampton Region provides aquaculture developers with a platform to launch potential large scale aquaculture developments whether they be pond based or tank based aquaculture systems (STCA). The Fitzroy Delta, one of the largest delta systems in Australia provides opportunities for saltwater aquaculture developments. 

Advance Rockhampton has under its stewardship the internationally capable Rockhampton Airport.  Our airport lands the largest aircraft in the world and has the capacity for freighter services.  With Singapore being a seven hour flight from Rockhampton, this opens up opportunities for international trade of aquaculture products to Asia.

The Rockhampton Region also has opportunities for freshwater aquaculture to take place and Advance Rockhampton is focused to develop this industry in our region.

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