Rockhampton is recognised globally as the economic heart of Central Queensland. It is home to a critical mass of residents, high quality services, facilities and a dynamic and prosperous economy driven by entrepreneurial and innovative businesses, strategic investment and international exports.



Rockhampton’s central location along major north, south and west transport and freight infrastructure routes, its proximity to major mining and resource development, and the large customer base and labour force all have the potential to drive growth and prosperity.

Recognised nationally as the beef capital of Australia, beef produced in Rockhampton is exported across the world. In addition to beef, there are a range of emerging agricultural opportunities in the region including the potential to increase coarse grain production for use in regional feedlots to accommodate Central Queensland’s growing livestock production capacity.

The strategic location of the Fitzroy River, as well as other major water bodies and rivers in Central Queensland, uniquely positions Rockhampton to take advantage of horticultural and aquaculture opportunities, widely accepted as the fastest growing segment in global food production.

With a resilient and stable economy, affordable cost of living for residents and businesses, a subtropical climate and a large regional airport providing connectivity, Rockhampton holds a number of critical enablers to seize new opportunities and strengthen its economic diversity.

Rockhampton Regional Council is leading the push to develop our region through the initiatives of Advance Rockhampton and the Advance Rockhampton Economic Action Plan 2016-2020 outlines how this will be achieved.

The Rockhampton Region Economic Development Strategy provides the framework for the growth and prosperity of the local business and residential community.  This strategy is the product of extensive engagement and analytical understanding of the region.  It is structured and formulated by the Rockhampton Regional Council but incorporates the effort, skills and knowledge of local government, key State and Commonwealth Government agencies and business, community and not-for-profit sectors.

Rockhampton Fitzroy River Edge Empire Bridge